Ravensby Glass | Dundee





Ravensby Glass are one of the UK’s leading manufacturers and processors of insulated glass units. With over 30 years’ experience in the processed glass industry Ravensby Glass have established a significant portfolio of products utilising a wide spectrum of glass and associated systems, which meet British and European Standards.

Supplying the public, residential, commercial and healthcare markets, Ravensby Glass incorporates the latest manufacturing technology, and the expansion of the products we offer lend themselves to being at the forefront of design technology innovation.


“Sidey has been dealing with Ravensby Glass for over 20 years. This fact alone is testimony to how highly we rate this supplier. Not only are we delighted with the service and quality of the product we receive, the people at Ravensby are always on hand to offer technical support when required. This is very important because of the complexity of some specifications in today’s fenestration market.”



Created by: Phillips Parry