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Decorative Glass Options

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Resin & Lead Decorative Glass

Ravensby Glass incorporates a CAD Design system in its design department, providing architects, designers, door and window manufacturers and builders with a comprehensive library of design and colour choice. From the extremely intricate traditional leaded and Georgian designs, through to the contemporary and futuristic designs often required today.

Through a highly advanced resin dispensing and colouring method, these designs can be consistently and accurately replicated onto glass and will maintain their appearance over an extremely long period, being unaffected by the oxidisation and discolouration often associated with traditional 'lead strip' methods.

We offer:

Resin Door Designs - Which provide the attractiveness of traditional leaded door glass.

Traditional Leaded Designs - The simplicity of a lead only design is available in diamonds and squares as well as many other configurations to suit individual household types. Traditional lead will enhance the authenticity of any older property.

Resin Outline Door Designs - Created from a durable resin, the lead effect and colours will not fade or oxidise during their lifetime. Colours can also be adjusted to suit individual taste.

Decorative Bevel Designs - Providing a new dimension in decorative glass these individual clusters of bevelled glass combine to form attractive designs. Adding colour film will further enhance the dramatic effect these bevels can add to any window, door or conservatory.

All designs can be incorporated into double glazed units, with an option to have patterned glass also incorporated.

For the full range we offer please check the downloads section