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Conservatory Glass

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  • Pleasant and relaxing aqua-green.
  • Reflects up to 78% of the sun's heat, reducing the need for blinds that will obscure your view.
  • Optimum solar protection and thermal insulation when combined with high performance soft coat low 'E'.
  • Gives the best available solar control
  • Aqua tint helps absorb the sun's light and reduce uncomfortable glare by over 65%
  • Reduces the bleaching effect of the sun by blocking 94% of the sun's UV rays, prolonging the life of your conservatory furniture and soft furnishings.
  • Glass stays cleaner for longer
  • Easier and less frequent cleaning.
  • Reduced impact noise of precipitation compared to polycarbonate roof panels.



Our easy clean roof glass is a high performance solar control glass with Enduroshield coating, which keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Enduroshield self clean coating can be used with silicone sealant (unlike other well-known self clean glasses).

Enduroshield utilises nanotechnology to achieve an exceptionally durable protective coating, Enduroshield is a clear liquid that is sprayed onto the glass to reduce cleaning time and maintenance.


Incorporating 4mm solar control glass and 6.8mm laminated glass our roof glass is lightweight whilst protecting you and your furniture from damaging UV rays.

To ensure a comfortable conservatory all year round, it is important that the glazing material  deflects heat from the sun in the Summer but retains warmth in the Winter. Our Temparoof glass is  the perfect combination of solar control and UV protection to keep the conservatory at an optimum temperature throughout the year.

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