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Acoustic Options

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Acoustic Laminated Glass

Ravensby Glass offers Acoustic Laminated glass, comprising of two or more panes of glass bonded together using clear sound control PVB interlayers. By combining different combinations of glass thicknesses and varying types of sound control PVB interlayers, enhanced acoustic performances can be achieved as the sound control PVB interlayer absorb sound energy, creating a more relaxing environment within the building, in addition to the safety, security, ballistic and blast resistant.

Our Laminated glass is manufactured in accordance with EN 14449 and tested in accordance with EN 356 and BS EN 12600 meeting an impact performance of up to class 1, to ensure that the glass can resist different levels of impact, creating a safe and secure barrier.

We also offer our Acoustic Laminated Glass in coated forms including Low 'E'. Please contact us for more information on availability and prices.


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