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Laminated Glass

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Laminated Glass

Laminated glass offers the end customer both safety and security aspects to their structural glass applications through varying thicknesses of glass, ranging from 8.8mm to 31.5mm.

At Ravensby Glass we are able to produce quality toughened laminated glass and heat-strengthened laminated glass in-house using our Pujol 100 50x28 fast curing laminating machine. Our laminated glass has been awarded BS EN 14449 certification.

Our structural glass is toughened in accordance with BS EN 12600 with options including clear, tinted or coloured. The range also includes a low iron glass option offering a noticeably clearer float glass supplied to the balustrade and fenestration markets.

We work to drawings, templates or sketches for processing the glass throughout our factory. These sizes are downloaded to our CNC Manufacturing centres and accurately processed to our customers exact requirements.



Our laminated glass utilises PVB and EVA interlayers offering a solution to high level safety and barrier loading requirements.


EVA interlayers are weather resistant which prevents weather shrinkage, ideal for external balustrade installations for long lasting interlayer performance.


PVB interlayers are available in thicknesses of 0.38, 0.74 or 1.5 for standard or acoustic laminated applications.



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