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Energy Efficient Glass

Low Emissivity glass (low 'E') is a type of energy efficient glass and is commonly used in all buildings, including residential new build, domestic replacement windows and commercial projects.

The term emissivity refers to the ability of a surface to emit radiant heat, therefore in the case of coated glass, the lower the emissivity of the coated surface, the less heat escaping through the window.

Low 'E' glass is essential for rooms or buildings with a high proportion of windows or glass doors, such as conservatories and sun rooms. The use of low 'E' glazing helps to retain heat even in winter, allowing you to comfortably use these rooms for more months of the year.

Low 'E' glass is also recommended for north and east facing windows, where a larger proportion of heat loss would be expected. For south and west facing glazing where overheating can become a problem in the summer months, use of a solar control glass would be recommended.

25% of the heat in a building can be lost through the windows. By installing low 'E' windows you can significantly improve the Window Energy Ratings (WERs) and reduce the amount of energy lost through your windows by up to 75%.

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