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Satin and Sandblasted Glass

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Ravensby Glass offer Satin a translucent acid etched glass, which allows uniform, diffused light, to provide a combination of privacy and natural daylight.

The advanced technique used to produce satin provides a perfectly uniform surface which is far more robust, than other translucent glasses. The smooth and silky surface helps to prevent marks from grease or dirt, making this the perfect option for applications where privacy and light are a necessity.

Satin is a modern alternative to pattern glass, offering a sleek finish which suits the demands of modern day design in interior, exterior or decorative applications.

Satin can be used either on its own as monolithic glass, or it can be fabricated into an insulated glass unit combined with coated glasses to produce high performance glazing which utilises the perfect combination of privacy with thermal insulation and/or solar control.

Sandblasted Glass

Sandblasting is a method of frosting and obscuring glass which establishes or increases privacy whilst still allowing in the infusion of daylight and it involves pressure spraying aluminium oxide over the surface of the glass (also marble or granite). Sandblasting is a flexible technique and both fine and 3D effects can be achieved in line with your requirements. Sandblasted designs are permanent and will not be damaged by cleaning.

It is ideal for windows, glass screens and manifestations on glass partitions and glass doors. It is also a very effective method of accurately reproducing lettering, logos and decorative patterns on corporate signs and interior fixtures.


Satin is available in 4mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm and can be toughened for safety and security.

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