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Recent Case Studies

Telegraph Works, Enderby Wharf, Greenwich


Project: Telegraph Works, Enderby Wharf, Greenwich

Location: London

Products: Planitherm One

Old Course Hotel, St Andrews

Old Course St Andrews

Project: Old Course, St Andrews            

Location: St Andrews

Products:  Planitherm One and Ultra with Acoustic Toughened Laminated

Wick High School


Project: Wick High School, Wick

Location: Wick

Products: Planitherm Ultra Laminated

Marr College, Troon


Project: Marr College, Troon

Location: Troon

Products: Supernautral SN70/37

Fabrick Square

Fabrick Square

Project: Fabrick Square, Bradford St, Birmingham

Location: Birmingham

Products: Climaguard A 1.0

20 Manver Street


Project: Manver Street, Bath

Location: Bath

Products: Coolite SKN 165

240 Bath Street, Glasgow


Project: 240 Bath Street, Glasgow

Location: Glasgow

Products: Coolite SKN 165

Wick Community High School

Wick Community High School 0

Project: Wick Community High School

Location: Wick

Date of Completion: April 2017

Products: Toughened, Laminated, Solar Control

Imaging Centre of Excellence Building

ICE Building QEUH Glasgow 026

Project: Imaging Centre of Excellence- University of Glasgow

Location: Glasgow

Date of Completion: March 2017

Products: Toughened, SKN 174, Colourlite Spandrel Panels

SSE Pitlochry Dam Visitor Centre


Project: SSE Pitlochry Dam Visitor Centre

Location: Pitlochry

Date of Completion: January 2017

Products: Toughened, Laminated, SKN 174, Planitherm Ultra

Spire Hospital Manchester

Ravensby Glass project Spire Hospital Manchester

Project: Spire Hospital

Location: Manchester

Date of Completion: January 2017

Products: Toughened, Laminated, SKN 154, Colourlite, Integral Blinds

INEOS HQ, Grangemouth

INEOS HQ Grangemouth 035

Project: INEOS HQ

Location: Grangemouth

Date of Completion: September 2016

Products: SKN 174, Clear and Coloured Laminated Glass, Ultra Nii

Fusion One, Bournemouth University

fusion 1

Project: Fusion One

Location: Dorset

Date of Completion: September 2016

Products: SKN 165, ULTRA Nii, Heat- soaked glass, triple glazed units, Sound Control

Ysgol Bae Baglan School

BAE Baglan School, Port Talbot 013

Project: Ysgol Bae Baglan

Location: Port Talbot, Wales

Date of Completion: August 2016

Products: SKN 174, Laminated Glass, Ultra Nii, Toughened Glass, Colourlite

New Bridewell, Student Accomodation, Bristol

New Bridewell Bristol 4 Oct 2016 047

Project: New Bridewell

Location: Bristol

Date of Completion: August 2016

Products: Colourlite, Planitherm 1, Stadip Silence, Ultra Nii, Toughened

Wold Primary School

Wold Primary School

Project: Wold Primary School

Location: Hull

Date of Completion: June 2016

Products: Solar Control Glass, Laminated Glass, Toughened Glass

Fox Valley Way, Sheffield

Fox Valley Way, Stocksbridge 008

Project: Fox Valley Way

Location: Sheffield

Date of Completion: June 2016

Products:   Toughened, Ultra Nii, Colourlite Spandrel Panels, 9.5 Planitherm Ultra Laminated, 6.4 Laminated

New Waverley Arches, Edinburgh

new waverley arches

Project: New Waverley Arches

Location: Edinburgh

Date of Completion: June 2016

Products: Toughened Glass, Ultra Nii, Satin

Clavering Place Student Accommodation, Newcastle

Roman House, Clavering Place, Newcastle 017

Project: Clavering Place, Student Accommodation

Location: Newcastle

Date of Completion: June 2016

Products: Ultra Nii, Toughened glass, 8.8 & 10.8 Sound Control glass, 6.4 Laminated glass

The Royal Mint Visitor Centre

Royal Mint Visitor Centre Pontyclun 040

Project: The Royal Mint Visitor Centre

Location: Pontyclun, Wales

Date of Completion: May 2016

Products: SKN 174, Laminated Glass, Ultra Nii, Colourlite, Toughened

Lambeth College Sixth Form, London

Lambeth College London

Project: Lambeth College Sixth Form

Contractor: Graham Construction

Location: London

Date of Completion: September 2015

Products: Planitherm Ultra and 8.8 Clear Laminated

Westfield House Site, Earlsfield, South West London




Project: Westfield House

Location: Eastfield, South West London

Date of Completion: 2015

Value: £41 million

Products: 8.8mm Laminated Glass, Planitherm Ultra N (ii)

AMTC – Aerospace Manufacturing Technology Centre, Coventry



Project: AMTC - Aerospace Manufacturing Technology Centre

Location: Coventry

Date of Completion: April 2015

Value: £18 million

Products: SKN 154 Solar Control Glass, Colourlite Spandrel Panels, 8.8mm Laminated Glass, Enduroshield Coated Glass

PIC Building, Kettering

20170808_085553_1502387244228 edit1

Project: PIC Building

Contractor: Bowmer & Kirkland

Location: Kettering

Date of Completion: July 2017

Products: Toughened, Laminated, Solar Control, Colourlite Spandrel Panels

Winchester University Student Village Building

Winchester University Student Village Building


Project: Winchester University Student Accommodation Village

Location: Burma Road, Winchester

Date of Completion: September 2013

Value: £1.5 million

Products: Colourlite Spandrel Panels, Planitherm Ultra

Holiday Inn Express in Snow Hill, Birmingham

Snow Hill Plaza

Project: Snow Hill Plaza

Architect: Falconer Chester

Location: Birmingham

Date of Completion: 2013

Value: £9.6 million

Products: Colourlite Spandrel Panels, Planitherm Total, 8.8mm Planitherm Acoustic Laminated Units