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Glass Splashbacks

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'Colourlite' Painted Glass Splashbacks

At Ravensby Glass Co Ltd our Colourlite product is manufactured with 6mm Low iron Toughened however we can also offer 6mm Standard Toughened. This glass conforms to all required EN and BS standards. The difference between standard Float and Low Iron is in the colour purity. Float glass has a slight natural green tinge, which may show through varying degrees in the final colour of your splashback. Low Iron glass is clearer / less green and offers a more accurate representation of paint colour.

A stylish alternative to tiles and worktops, 'Colourlite' helps eliminate the need for tiling which means no more discoloured, cracked tiles and mouldy grout. Glass surface is the cleanest and most hygienic available, which is ideal for kitchen splashbacks where hygiene is paramount.



When painted with one of our over 400 available colours from the RAL, Farrow & Ball or British Standard colour range the effect is stunning and will add a bit of glamour and designer feel to any property. Furthermore we can also offer sparkles and metallic effects giving you the chance to create something individual, stylish and modern.Our state of the art Kleenglass automatic paint system ensures each 'colourlite' pane is processed with an even coverage of paint and combines productivity, high flexibility and reliability with limited man handling and wastage.


'Colourlite' is made to measure and is ideal for:

  • Kitchen and Bathroom Splashbacks
  • Shower and Wet Room walls
  • Wall Coverings or Architectural Features
  • Facades
  • Spandrels
  • And much more....


We process 'Colourlite' glass using a combination of laser guided drills, CNC cutting machines and a toughening furnace, to accurately process cut outs for sockets, hobs, hand basins and notches. 'Colourlite' can also be manufactured into double glazed units with the opposite pane available in many different specifications, such as:

    • Toughened
    • Low 'E'
    • Self Cleaning
    • Laminated
    • And many more...

British Standard Colour Fan_largeRAL_chartfarrow-colour-chart1

Watch this video to see the Colourlite production process