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Heat Soaked

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Heat Soaked Glass

Tempering process increases the strength of glass many folds, offering a greater resistance to breakage. However, the raw-materials used in the manufacturing of tempered glass are not free from certain defects like nickel-rich contaminants such as stainless steel might be present, and then combine with sulphur to form nickel sulphide inclusions, which put tempered glass at potential risk of spontaneous breakage.

The use of heat-soaked tempered glass is recommended to reduce the possibility of Nickel Sulphide Inclusions (NiS) fracturing the toughened glass in the future. To consider the long term safety of the building it is recommended where the risk of spontaneous breakage would cause difficulty, either from a replacement point of view, or where falling glass fragments may be unsuitable, such as roof or high level glazing, balustrades, screens or high level curtain walling.

Heat soaked glass is appropriate where there is a risk of human impact. If breakage does occur, the breakage pattern is such that the resultant pieces of glass are relatively harmless and are unlikely to cause severe injury.

To complement our commercial glass supply we are delighted to announce that Ravensby Glass has our own Torgauer Heat soaking oven installed on site, allowing quick and efficient heat soaking of glass in house.


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