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Decorative Mirror Options

Ravensby Glass offers a wide spectrum of variations for the standard 4mm or 6mm mirror. From polishing to safety backed and options of personalising in every aspect.

In addition to being environmentally friendly to manufacture, mirrors offer far greater resistance to natural atmospheric corrosion - thus reducing the unsightly problems of black edges and spot faults eliminating foil backing.

Perfect for applications that require high levels of light and image reflection including:

  • Bars and restaurants
  • Shopping and leisure centres
  • Residential and commercial buildings
  • Furniture design


Safety Backing is also an option - safety backing is a clear plastic film which is applied to the back of the mirror, in the event of the mirror getting broken there is a lower risk of cuts and personal harm from shards of falling glass as these tend to stay attached to the film. Safety Backing is mandatory if screw holes, clips or corner clips are being used in ANY public place, although it is not required for private dwellings.




We can also supply Antique Mirror in Grey antique, Light antique and Bronze antique

All designs are available on 4mm and 6mm mirror and can be safety backed for security.

 For the full range we offer please check the downloads section