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Spandrel Panels

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Ceramic Spandrel Panels

Our unique in house automated paint spray system offers a fantastic finish to our ceramic product, available in most RAL or BS colours. Available with insulation backing providing ‘u’ values as low as 0.3W/m2K.

Spandrel panels are used in place of glazing units in curtain walling systems where it is necessary to hide the edges of floor slabs, ceiling details, insulation, and other building elements that would ruin the look of the building if they were exposed.

Ceramic Spandrel Panels can be supplied with or without insulations fixed to the inner surface. The insulated options include:

foam with foil backing
foam in an aluminium powder coated tray

Spandrel Panels are not designed to be viewed in transmitted light, they must be used against a back up wall. If no back up wall is present, a decorative tray needs to be applied.

Some of the standard constructions are:

1. Single Ceramic with stepped insulation for glazing directly into a single glazing rebate

2. Single Ceramic with stepped insulation and an aluminium channel to fit an insulation rebate

3. Insulated Ceramic with stepped insulation



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