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Horticultural Greenhouse Glass

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Greenhouse glass available in stock or cut sizes

Horticultural greenhouse glass conducts heat and allows the ultraviolet rays through to your greenhouse. In this way glass helps to heat up the greenhouse during the summer months to almost tropical conditions. Greenhouse glass is intentionally marked or distorted by the manufacturers and will not be of an equivocal quality as float glass.

Ravensby Glass also supply 3mm Horticultural Greenhouse glass. Horticultural glass is available in three standard stock sizes, but we can cut to any size or shape from stock. Discounts are often available for larger quantities.

Horticultural Glass comes in 3 standard sizes:-

  • 457 mm x 610mm = (18 inches x 24 inches)
  • 610mm x 610mm = (24 inches x  24 inches)
  • 730mm x 1422mm = (28 ¾  inches x 56 inches)


Our time-served glasscutters can almost cut any shape to your sizes or shapes directly from our stocks.

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