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Clarity Anti- Reflective Glass

Guardian Clarity™ is the solution to unwanted glare and unobstructed views. Created using the most advanced magnetron sputtering glass coating technology, Clarity leads the way in applications where reflection and glare can spoil the benefit of clear sight and pristine views.

We supply low iron anti-reflective laminated glass with less than 1% reflection and 97% light transmission. 
The laminated glass is ideal for valuable items in display cases and ensures they are safe and secure. This glass is also ideal for car showrooms, other shop front windows and animal enclosures. The plastic interlayer in the laminated glass provides up to 95% UV protection to ensure all items on display are protected from sun damage and fading.
Available in 11.5, 13.5 and 17.5 laminated glass and edges can be polished if required.

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