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Double/Triple Glazed Units

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Insulated Glass Units

We produce high specification insulated glass units that all meet BS EN 1279-2-3 regulations. In our factory we have an efficient, fully automated insulated glass unit processing machinery which allows us to create IGU’s of excellent quality. This equipment combined with our highly trained production personnel allow Ravensby Glass the confidence to operate, and manufacture our products to the level of quality required by today's customer.

These include:

  • Double Glazed Units
  • Triple Glazed Units
  • Heritage Slimline Units
  • High Specification Solar Control Sealed Units
  • Colourlite Sealed Units
  • Integral Blind Sealed Units
  • Decorative Sealed Units
  • Georgian Bar Sealed Units
  • Toggle Units

As part of our wide range of products on offer, Triple Glazing is available in addition to double glazing. Triple Glazing differs from double, in that there are 3 panes of glass instead of 2 normally used in double glazing. In doing this, 2 gaps are created within the window, improving the energy efficiency as even less heat is lost than with a double glazed window thus creating “thermal insulation”.

Our insulated glass units are available with 'U' values to 1.0 for double glazed units and 0.5 for triple glazing whilst maintaining high levels of light transmission.

All units can be made with a variety of glass combinations and can be toughened for safety and security

For the full range we offer please check the downloads section