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Integral Blinds

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Integral Blinds

Ravensby Glass in association with Screenline can now offer sealed units with integral blinds.

Screenline is a revolutionary system that allows blinds to be incorporated inside a sealed unit and operated externally by means of magnet, with no break in the sealed unit seal. The blinds can be raised, lowered or tilted by the magnet, which is operated by either a pull cord or by an external motor.

The major benefit of this system is that the blind will never need to be cleaned, and the blind cannot interfere with the cleaning of the glass.

Additional Benefits:

  • Blinds remain free from accidental damage
  • Cords can be easily removed when not required
  • Direct sunlight is reduced
  • Windows easier to open
  • Sills kept free
  • Maintenance free


 Remote controlled motorised blind options are also available. They also come in a wide range of colours to suit all types of rooms and tastes.

For the full range and colour options we offer please check the downloads section

Available Colours:



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