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Georgian bar is a fenestration term to describe internal or external bars fitted to windows, whether they be timber, Aluminium, composite or UPVC. Georgian bars are usually a horizontal and/or vertical bar (usually made of aluminium, PVC-U or timber) that goes across windows and doors to give a “Georgian” appearance. The most common Georgian bar window style in this country are windows with bars that “divide” up the glass area into small squares. This architectural style and design originated in the UK in the Georgian period, which lasted from the eighteenth to nineteenth centuries, when panes of glass in vertical sliding sash windows were traditionally divided by thin, delicate wooden glazing bars

Ravensby Glass offer a choice of either internal Georgian bar where a plastic insert sits inside the glass unit or a more traditional Georgian back to back multi spacer bar system where the bars are surface mounted inside and out. This gives the traditional look of separate panes of glass in one sealed unit.

Internal Georgian Bar - A sealed unit whereby a Georgian window bar (PVC-U) is fitted within the sealed unit between the two panes of glass to visually divide the glass units into small panes. These come in 18mm and 25mm  wide as standard. Both have the distinct advantage of being able to be easily cleaned and economic to purchase. They also can come as a grid or as a crucifix or as a single vertical/horizontal bar or even an arched bar. Available in 3 colours White, Light Oak and Rosewood.

Back to Back Spacer (small pane effect) - A sealed unit whereby a more traditional effect is achieved by having back to back spacer bars, (Duplex Spacer) between the glass panes and covering these, both internally and externally, with PVC Georgian bars. Many customers decide to have this option to match the look of their existing wooden (often rotten) timber Georgian windows and doors.We offer these in four colours: Silver, White, Bronze (Black), Gold.

Colours available:

Silver, White, Bronze (Black) & Gold


Examples of Layout:

We can recommend a suitable layout of the back to back Georgian bar or it can be fully specified by the customer.



georgian layout

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