Dundee Foodbank - Ravensby Glass | Dundee


Dundee Foodbank

Dundee Foodbank are looking for donations and require non perishable foods and toiletries. We are hoping that people will be able and willing to bring in a tin or two, as they say every little helps!

Although all donations are gratefully received the type of foodstuff they require changes and I have put a list up beside the clocking in machine of items they are low on such as tinned vegetables, tinned fruit, puddings, tinned meat, coffee, uht milk and toiletries for example. Further info around what is usually in a food parcel and items they are currently short of can be found at www.dundeefoodbank.org.uk

We are aiming to hand over the donation on December 19th and any tins etc can be handed to myself or Ian Heenan at Fowler Road and Jim McCallum at TJR.